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 Entry November 1, 2002 



This is Michael Ryan and Julie in front of the new addition. Well, almost the new addition. See Julie's new cast. She broke her fingers...again! Last year it was her right fingers and the cast was the exact same color.

Julie is wearing Michael Ryan's PJs, by the way.

This is Michael Ryan and Julie in front of the cement truck...  

 ....another one in front of the addition. Those are the workers in the background.

We told Michael Ryan and Julie that those guys worked at Disney World.

See the guy in the back...with the green shorts? He was the cement expert. His job was to make sure that the foundation was in tip-top shape. He needed new boots though.

 This picture wins the award!


While Michael Ryan tries morse code by blinking his eyes....Julie sends a clear signal to family and friends!


Hey looky here...just like the big boys....

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