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 Aunt Gloria's 50th 

 Aunt Gloria (Sister Margaret) just celebrated her 50th year as a Sister. We were there.

oh how cute

Aunt Gloria gets a BIG HUG!

 This is cousin Sam. He's a wino*.

*A person who sells liquor

 sam the wino

 cousin jay

 Cousin JAY ... The Furniture KING.

 Can you guess which one is Aunt Norma?

 norma and julie

 m ryan

 mmmmm ... just had dessert!

 Ok, then who had the Veal Parm????!

 what the heck

 little dental test

  Who's next? (whatever that means)

 So, then, how do YOU think the world will end??


 uncle joe

 Always smiling ....




Hey looky here...just like the big boys....

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