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A few months ago we - John, Jeanette, Johnna, Michael Ryan and Julie - went to the Stuart Air Show in Stuart, Florida. They had your standard bunch of airplane jockeys doing their standard things...like flying and showing off. They also had a bunch of airplanes, and other things that fly, on the ground. The owners were letting people look in the windows, and sometimes they would let people actually go inside the bigger air ships, but none of them allowed us to actually fly the machine...I didn't think that was fair.

Anyway, there was one guy at the air show, his name was Jimmy Franklin. This guy was crazy. I have been to a lot of air shows and have never seen anything like Jimmy Franklin.  Here is a quote from Jimmy Franklin's Web site.

In 1998 Franklin debuted his latest project, the worlds only Jet-powered Waco. With the help of Les Shockely, creator of the “Shock Wave” jet truck, they were able to modify Jimmy’s 1940 Waco bi-plane with a T-38 (J-85) jet engine along with the 450 horse power Pratt & Whitney radial prop engine. With both engines turning the Jet Waco puts out over 4500 pounds of thrust at over 2000 horse power, making it in Franklin’s hands able to perform stunts no one has ever seen or even attempt in this type of plane.

I took some video of his airplane in the sky. If you have a DSL line then you will be happy watching the video. If you don't have a DSL line then all I can say is.....GET ONE!!! or, go back to rubbing two sticks together to cook your next meal.

No, really, even with a DSL line I had to create four seperate parts of the video. If you only watch one part watch PART I.

Here are the videos...

Jimmy Franklin, crazy man, innovator, defys death PART I

Jimmy Franklin, crazy man, innovator, defys death PART II

Jimmy Franklin, crazy man, innovator, defys death PART III

Jimmy Franklin, crazy man, innovator, defys death PART 4


Jimmy Frankllin's Jet powered Waco

Hey looky here...just like the big boys....

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