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 Is there room for a new leading lady? The question has been answered.... 

Johnna Cesta is the answer!

Unless you've been hiding under a box or living in Afghanistan for the past few years you know the question.  Ok...Pssst....come 'ere...The question is:

Is there room for another leading lady in Royal Palm Beach? 

There is an unwritten rule in the singing and dancing business that states: Only one leading lady per 10 square miles of incorporated area. Well, Johnna Cesta has broken all the rules. Torn them to pieces and escaped unharmed.

 "A woman possessed."  one reviewer hollered. The next, "Julie Andrews, only better" shouted another. 

The next "ten years' " best leading actor.

"She'll write her own ticket" reverberated throughout the night in excruciatingly excited tones.

....anyway, I can't keep going on with this right now...I've got to eat dinner then wash the dishes.

So, watch the video clips below and enjoy the newest rising star.



 Hear Johnna sing:

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Good Night My Someone  Good Night My Someone
Till There Was You   Till There Was You
Piano Lessons/If You Don't Mind   Piano Lessons/If You Don't Mind

Hey looky here...just like the big boys....

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