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 Sure to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor.... 


Awe Inspiring,Fabulous,Gigantic,Dynamic,Awe Inspiring (i like this one) , Burning with Desire,Best of Breed....

These are only a fraction of the words and phrases spoken aloud, and with jubilant expression, following Sunday afternoon's  opening performance  of The Music Man in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. 

The words  appropriately refer to actor/singer Michael Ryan Cesta. Best of Breed comes to mind when describing this up and coming character actor. The Music Man, considered one of the best plays of the season was propelled into orbit with the help of supporting actor and, oddly enough, brother to Johnna Cesta (the plays leading lady). Winthrop, played brilliantly by Michael Ryan Cesta, is a young man whose terrible inability to pronounce "Ss (etheths)" keeps him in self induced seclusion. Michael Ryan Cesta latches on to this young man's idiosyncrasy like no actor this reviewer has ever seen. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!

Now, see and hear this up and coming giant-in-the-industry - undoubtedly deserving of best supporting actor -  Michael Ryan Cesta as he explodes with song and dance in this fabulous rendition of The Music Man since the original version was first released in 1933



Feel the extraordinary tension the audience felt on that historic night as they were transported back, to an era long ago, when Broadway was truly the only means to escape.



Michael Ryan sings:

Michael Ryan performs:



Hey looky here...just like the big boys....

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