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 Hurricane Wilma 2005 

Read about Hurricane Wilma.

We are just now getting back on our feet let's see ... we have:

  1. High speed Internet - check
  2. Cable TV - check
  3. Telephones - check
  4. XM Radio - check
  5. Pizza - check
  6. Yup ... sittin' pretty!
Before Hurricane Wilma
After Hurricane Wilma
The busses were just sitting there. There was no evacuation!
This is the yard

We had to wear head lamps.
We were confined to the house during the 100 mile an hour winds. (where else would we be?)
Some of us were locked in the closet.
Dad's van got clobbered protecting everyone else!
... wait a minute ... JOOOOOOHHHHHNNNNAAAA?
This is where I was going to keep my Doves.
The shed blew down again and this is what was inside.
After it was over we were victorius. WE BEAT YOU WILMA!!!!
The gas lines on the turnpike were rather long when it was over.
These trees got a shave job!

Hey looky here...just like the big boys....

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